Life is all about “keep walking”

I don’t know from where but today I would like to talk about what life means to me. Life is all about keep walking. It is an unexpected gift with mysterious loops everywhere. Why I come to this conclusion is because what I am doing today is a combination of my dream and un-expectations. Very few people know about I was passionately trying to be an Air Force pilot some day but what gave me up is my eye-sight problem. Otherwise, I did work a lot towards that and came quite close. Many people know I played Nationals in rifle shooting. That at a point of time, I seriously considered as a profession and I could have done it. Business was in the gene pool and I wanted to be a businessman since start. At an age of 10, I had decided I want to own an IT company and today if I see behind, just like I said before, it is my dream coming true but the way it turned out, was full of un-expectations.

The one thing I am definitely sure about today is, life is never going to stop. It is not running, neither it is dead-stop. You just have to keep living it everyday. Keep breathing. Keep pushing your limits. Keep going ahead. Keep dreaming. Keep living. Keep laughing. Keep working and Keep celebrating. What makes my ideology is life has always been fair to me. Not rewarding and not risking. But fair enough. So I got nothing to turn back to in case of screw ups. And that is what I most appreciate. My family has been supportive of my decisions. They actually let me make my own decisions right from start is one of the biggest boosters. And I have always faced things like playing a game. And one thing that gamer knows is, there is never a game-over.

It is really important that you take responsibility for your own actions because unless you do that, you will never know what kind of person you are yourself. It is actually equally important that you give credit to others for their actions. It can be positive as well as negative for that will define the way you think and analyse things. It doesn’t mean you have to be a moral judge of character and entitled to label people, it means you learn from that. If there is something good, you should definitely try to adopt it. If you see someone screwing up, make a mental note whether you want that or not.

And such compilations make what life actually is. What it means and what it helps you achieve. You were born with absolutely nothing in hands and you will turn to dust someday. What most can you do is leave a footprint behind. And it is damn important you leave some good ones.