5 Things that no one should have to ever pay for!

Today I was giving a thought about what would be the absolute things that should be free of cost forever in every part of the world. These things define the human civilization as a whole. These things are the fundamental and the most basic version of absolute human needs needed for survival. And these should be absolutely FREE! Everywhere. To Everyone. No rules should come in between these. And by no rules, I mean no discrimination based on status, caste, color, religion, sex etc etc etc. And it is the duty of the so-called government to reach there.

Number One: FOOD

Now people who know me are definitely going to take a jibe that this guy can’t move past thinking about free food. BUT in my argument, Food and Clean Water is the first and foremost need of humanity. That should be FREE! (Includes Restaurants :P)

Number Two: SHELTER

This may sound like Mr Modi’s vision for 2022 but yeah it does make good sense. Every person in the world is entitled to a personal space to exist. That should be a clean and strong and sufficiently spacious house with toilets, water supply & electricity. Home Sweet Home never hurts no one.

Number Three: CLOTHING

Yeah. Food Shelter and Clothing. That makes the most common trio. How Can I miss that? Access to sufficiently comfortable clothes for all season and all weather conditions.

Number Four Four and First Half: KNOWLEDGE (INTERNET)

Now I have changed this from Education to Knowledge. Knowledge is the content of one’s brain. Education is the content tried to implant in one’s brain with no guaranty if it is still there. For illustrations you can look at millions of Civil Engineers who did not make it to their right industry. It was their Knowledge and Not education that is helping them survive today. Similar examples can be found everywhere. My Education would take me 100 miles from where I was. My knowledge took me a way longer than that.

Number Five Four and Second Half: COMMUNICATION (INTERNET)

This can be argued to for why not merge 4 & 5 in Internet in general. Well I wanted to make it 5 points. 4 didn’t look much better. Well let’s do it. I just thought of a fifth one. So I am re-visiting the numerals. Communication to others in an uninterrupted signal which turns on and off at the wish of the user.


This now completes the round circle. Every person should have access to facilities to keep himself healthy and save his life. Health is what everyone gets behind in an argument. So let’s give it to them. FREE Healthcare for all.

These Five point something things are absolutely necessary for existing on earth. In short living on earth should be FREE OF COST. Peace!