The PM we never had



“Confused about what I am talking? Well now-a-days, the smart people of India have come up with one excellent name that was almost forgotten, “The true Iron Man – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel”.

Who exactly was Mr Patel? He was the one person in the first government of Free India who always did what was correct and in the best interest of the people of India. Never budged under pressure, may it be from his team or the external forces. Sardar Patel is the perfect title given to this man. I think Iron Man people should be sued for stealing his name. Sardar Patel, what a figure. Single handed cleared 500 princely states to join Free India. He was a living legend, a vicious martyr, the true Prince of India.

It takes real guts to quote such a sentence he did in his tenure as the first Home Minister of India. “Give me 24 policemen; I will wipe out every single intruder from the face of POK.”

Many claim that Sardar Patel would have been a better choice for the first PM of free India. He was like a son to Bapu and that was the reason, Bapu thought that Sardar won’t mind if he named Chacha Nehru for PM. Anyways, Sardar never showed his grief and accepted Bapu’s decisions. He passed away like a true warrior, in service of India, executing his office as the Iron Man cum premiere Home Minister of Free India in full capacity. The History of India will always treasure this man. His soul might have been decorated in diamonds and jewels when he might have entered God’s Hall of Fame in Heaven. Today when he must been peeking below and see that people are now creating his statue, an iron statue, tallest in the world, he must be thinking, “what a waste of resources! Keep me in your heart and use that iron to construct something more useful.”

Anyways, he is going to be the proudest structure in the world in a few years.

Sometimes, I think, what will our freedom fighters do if ever they come to life again and see the politics now-a-days. One thing is for sure; they will give a tight slap to all these corrupt people and then start crying and blame themselves, “This is not the country I gave my life to. This was not the day I wanted to see in Free India. This is not for which we strove hard to gain freedom.”

But Sardar will have a better thing to do. He will take a full automatic Maverick assault, go inside the parliament and shoot down the corrupt politicians. And that is a dream, seeing the strongest man to hold the strongest office in the strongest country of the world. And no one with a corrupt and violent brain will ever try to take a foot outside his doors.

-An Article I wrote on October 31, 2013 for thechaishop.in

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