“A Walk to Secure Future”- Part 1

“Let us discuss about the basic concept of hacking and general notions and knowledge of people about the current usability of internet and security level. My target is the general audience, normal non CS/IT background people who make casual use of the internet for normal surfing, some videos, Facebook, occasional mails etc.
People surfing on the internet focus on accomplishment of their need. If they need to send an email, they log on to their service provider, enter credentials, use their mail services and generally FORGET to “log out”. Mistake number one! They feel free to log in from any device/system that comes in handy when they need. What they feel is, “nothing as such classified information is stored in my mail account, why bother so much into securing it”. But they fail to understand that their id, can always be used to HACK into other account by a smart hacker. So taking steps to secure your account means taking equal steps to helping others secure their account. Their emails can be used to spoof other ids and send mass spam messages over the internet by SCAMMERS, Black-hat Marketing people. This is a violation of the cyber law. On websites like Facebook, fake profiles, stalking on others ids, sexual material exploit are done if you fail to secure your account. General audience or users never bother about security, they think WHY will someone try to Hack them. The answer to this is: They do not want to hack you/ they want to harm some other guy and you just gave him one of the many keys used to bother him. Blackmailing, Cyber Sexual-Abuse, Unlawful Pornography, Crimes, thefts are the combinations of a Smart Hacker, Excellent knowledge of the field, Harmful Intentions, dumb victims.
Let us talk about app log in. For e.g. whenever a new user tries to register with our forum, he sees an easy profiling method, “Facebook/twitter” log in. 80{a83895d320af0dc0d2136af613a1373a8aa6adee8a5c5909a909b17c4046f10b} of them ‘do not know’ how does that work. Simply they login. Luckily our host is much secure, but same does not apply to other websites or forums. This App-Verification method of various internet giants can become cause of hefty crimes. This doesn’t mean this method should be stopped but it poses a great threat for cyber security. Maybe as I said in earlier post, “the user is not yet ready for this”.
Basic concept of hacking does not start with learning smart languages, scripts, codes, infrastructure etc. but it starts with the need, the intention, the application and the personality of the hacker. This is the Live ware background which is the cradle of every cyber operation taking place every day at least a million times.
Security over the internet has become a very important issue to tackle with. The program to train more and more security people through ethical hacking programs are in turn giving fruits of ASPIRING RED HAT HACKERS who think hacking into some one’s Facebook and posting ugly pictures is Funny! This has made the job of security consultants more difficult. The aim was to train the users on securing themselves from known threats on the internet but guess what, 70{a83895d320af0dc0d2136af613a1373a8aa6adee8a5c5909a909b17c4046f10b} of such missiles backfire. The people who train them in such workshops provide basic knowledge which is exactly necessary to protect yourself but also they leave a curiosity among the students to learn more and more and guess what!! Google finishes the task. There is almost nothing you cannot find on Google! You just need to look for the correct things.
You have always read do not click on unknown links and Blah! Blah! Blah! But hackers are also smart. They know their victim and they know how to target him. Dumb Victims fall for clicking absurd links and smart ones don’t even need to. They get hacked by their over smartness. Applying 2-step verification in Google is smart way of securing, but Back-linking every website he surfs on back to his Google or Facebook account is over smartness and guess what “BUSTED!”
The audience needs to be answer the question WHY?? Before asking HOW??
General audience today does not bother about all these things, but if they want to enjoy the marvellous perks the future-Tech is going to present them, they have to be ready for it. What we call as Coming Future is already on the street. Touch Screen which was considered extremely royal born is now in hands of a Rickshaw-wala in just a time span of five years.
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