“A Walk to Secure Future”- Prologue

“When the world is changing so fast and technical awareness about computers and other advanced stuff being projected now and then, an average person surely has a dream of possessing a ‘Iron Man suit’ for himself or a ‘BatMobile’, but will that suit be really secure with him??? Even if a multi-billion dollar Corporation commercialized it for some punks with nasty pockets, would they be able to handle them. At the current security levels, of course NOT. At present the level of security in reach of common people or so-called “Technically Aware” people is so primitive that it is a matter of about 10-15 mins to get into anybody’s email or Facebook, to hack into his computer using Botnet spyware or even throw him off the records using a simple “Penetration HarMone”. So the question remains, is he really ready, the common man for the next generation of intelligence, automation and technology. Corporations are focusing today on better and better products everyday, increase profits or so-called level of human civilization but they should also think is he ready for this??

Let me introduce you to a series of articles I will be posting here, “A Walk to Secure Future”.It will be based on how to be safe on the Internet.

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