National Level Shooter

In the quest to achieve perfection, I stumbled upon one sport where near-perfection had no value. ‘Perfect!’, ‘Bull’s Eye!’ were the only option. And being lucky enough to have such resources at hand, I took up rigorous practice for Shooting. 10m Air Rifle was my domain and I worked hard to grab the goal. Thanks to my coach Mr Imran Khan from Indore, he provided immense support and made me a state level shooter in a matter or 45 days. With 2 medals in hand from the first professional competition of my life and appreciation from coach and Principal, there was no looking back. Next step was All India National CBSE Games in Meerut in September 2009. I never wanted to make shooting as a profession but wanted to learn the art of patience, perseverance, control and never ending thirst for perfection. Once I felt academics is where I should concentrate more, I gave up the regular practice but the skills still burn inside.