My Leap of Faith #2

Leap of faith is actually that momentary transition between logic and belief. The point where you want something so badly and your logic ceases to help you out in that situation or particular that moment and you leave everything to fate based on the beliefs you hold. And such leaps are definitely risky. But then again, what’s the fun in a safe and tidy life. I too was standing at a junction where a lot of pieces needed to fall in place only then it could work out. With zero experience and practically in a group of strangers I had to overcome my own demons and start believing others. Something which I was definitely not good at. Why? Don’t know. Maybe I was too cautious to take risks. Maybe I was too cautious to fail. Maybe I was too obsessive about getting it right the first time. There is nothing wrong in that but sometimes the worst cases fill your mind with so many demons that delegating important stuff becomes very difficult to assimilate.

But with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I took that risk. It took some time but I started blindly trusting my team. Many times I got disappointed, many times got overjoyed. And this hasn’t stopped yet. But what encouraged me to take that leap was the belief I was still holding to. The belief that didn’t allow me to lead a cautious and normal life. The belief that I could do something better than everyone. The belief that I could make a huge difference somewhere. And frankly my leap has been quite exciting. The magical transition where work turned into friendship. I gained a lot, lost too. But my team always sticks around. We are one crazy pack of people who just refuse to give up. And it wasn’t just a leap for myself. It was a leap to everyone around me. A leap to trust some lone wolf from out of the pack to lead it.

Leap of Faith is important since it gives you an opportunity to experiment with yourself. The most basic birth right of man. To experiment. And why is it important to experiment? Because it makes sure that you don’t die. The day we stop experimenting with our lives, we silently creep into nothingness. Our lives start becoming miserable. Who said there is anything wrong with it. But what’s the point of it?

But when do you decide that you have to take that leap of faith? You do it when you see nothing new happening in your life. That your life is becoming like a pool of stagnant water. When you see mosquitoes biting around it. When you see there is nothing to worry about while that transition happens. When you desperately want all the pieces to fall in place. But that doesn’t mean it guarantees anything. It means life just gave you a shot. You just need to land safely. Deploy your parachutes at the right time. And there you are, sitting comfortably on a heap of hay.

And what did we gain out of our leap? One hell of a journey yet. Money, Fame, Respect, Importance, Friends, Rivals, Failures, Success, some hell of achievements, celebrity status in some cases.

And equally important question. What did we lose? We lost a lot. We lost our laziness. We lost our irresponsible behavior. We lost our procrastination. We lost some relationships too. But what the hell. When we look back at these last 11 months. Was it all worth it? HELL YEAH!



My Leap of Faith #1

Sometimes fate plays a very strange prank on you. Sometimes you have people in your life you are ready to go to any heights for them. Sometimes some people exist in corners of your subconscious life whom you never know will rise to being one of your closest confidante’ in just a matter of 15 minutes. The world that opens up after that is just beyond belief. The world which unfolds before you is something you wanted to create for yourself in just about that exact time. And some people who once meant the world to us diminish in the black hole made of nothing. This transition is something which happens when you take your Leap of Faith. The leap of faith maybe that one small thing called a phone call that can change your life forever. The person on the other end of the call is that who might be the last on your list. Maybe not even on your list.

There was this one particular phone call I received on August 14, 2013. That one small thing changed the entire way of my life. That one phone call gave me the boost I wanted. That was a kind of miracle I was awaiting to happen. And the person on the other side of the line was not even on my list. That person, is one of my dearest and closest friends today, equal partner in good and bad, among the very few I can trust blindly. That guy who started everything with an idea. Who found everyone and who nurtured them. Helped and Supported and Stuck around always. That person on the other line was someone I never spoke over phone, never knew anything about him apart from his name. Didn’t even have his number. So yeah, my first words were, “Who’s this?” when he called. That person was Ahaan Pandit. This person made me understand what exactly “Faith” and “Trust” means.

What happened after that phone call was my Leap of Faith.